all items are handcrafted by me personally.  please allow up to 2 weeks for processing and shipping of your order.  **WHOLESALE ORDERS 2-4 WEEKS FROM ORDER, UNLESS SPECIFIED OTHERWISE. 

product images aim to accurately represent the style and size of a given piece.  the handcrafted element is paramount to my work, and will result in each and every piece bestowing originality.  stone colors, finishing marks, and fabrication precision will vary slightly in each piece. 


All orders will be processed and shipped within 2 weeks UNLESS OTHERWISE COMMUNICATED.  Full payment of invoice/order is due before shipment is finalized.   USPS tracking info will be sent to email provided.
  In the unlikely event of an order arriving damaged, please notify me personally within 24 hours of receipt.
International Shipping
at this time, votive designs ships internationally to countries in the european union and the uk.  orders placed from outside these regions should contact votive designs before placing an order to ensure shipping can be completed and to calculate shipping costs.  orders shipped to the eu and uk will ship usps priority mail international shipping.  customer is responsible for any additional customs fees or insurance.  in most cases, there is no issue when shipping a small jewelry order to these countries.  however, votive designs cannot guarantee time of delivery nor confirm there will be no other customs-related issues.
I understand how important privacy is to my customers. Any information that you provide with your order is confidential and will not be disclosed to other organizations or third parties.
I take pride in hand-crafting each piece to order, even for large wholesale accounts.  Due to this commitment to the hand-crafted standard, all sales are final. With this said, it is my priority to make sure you love your purchase and are excited to own it.   Should you have any concerns once you receive your order, please contact me immediately.   ALL WHOLESALE ORDERS ARE FINAL AND WILL NOT HAVE THE OPTION TO SWITCH OUT UNSOLD INVENTORY.  PLEASE ORDER ACCORDINGLY. 
Care and repair etc.
 Each of my pieces are crafted by hand from raw materials.    I try to avoid harsh chemicals and protecting agents, as they are not necessary, can affect the integrity of the metal and sometimes create sensitivity for the wearer.   all jewelry naturally accumulates a sense of wear and a change in color over time, dependent on body chemistry, daily care and exposure to natural elements.   Salt water, chlorine, soaps, lotions, body oils and perspiration all take their toll on fine jewelry.      Humidity, hair spray, and perfume are your jewelry’s enemies, so spray first, accessorize second, and keep your jewels out of the bathroom, shower, kitchen sink, hot tub, ocean water, etc.   Frequent cleaning with soap and water is recommended to maintain the true beauty of each piece.   Polish your jewelry often and keep it clean and free of these elements which oxidize.   store in a dry place -a jewelry box or cloth bag is best- to avoid scratches and regular air oxidation.    

Pieces with patina are coated with a light, natural wax to add protection, but all patinas will wear naturally over time.     Never scrub patinas with harsh materials or chemicals, as this will remove the color.     Re-application of patina is available on your piece at any time for a small fee.     Proper care and preservation will keep your piece feeling loved and keep you in love with wearing it

Lastly, well-loved pieces can sometimes break, but in the unlikely event this occurs, I am always happy to fix them. For any repairs please contact me directly at  A small fee for shipping and handling as well as possible materials cost will be determined.  for missing earring matches, replacement cost will be cost of single earring, or 50% of full retail price PLUS SHIPPING COSTS BOTH WAYS. 


Terms & Conditions
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